Robert Gillespie Spey Casting

I am now 57 years old. As one lives life one learns.

I come from a traditional Christian society and background. I was raised to believe in certain 'old school' values and the most important of them was not to do any harm to others. Honesty and integrity were always required and expected, as were humility, manners and awareness and consideration for others.

There are extremely important matters in life. Equality, human dignity and respect for others. The right to ones free moral agency. Truthfulness, and freedom from any illegitimate, unwarranted or arbitrary control by others. The ability to provide unhindered for ones family. Maintaining ones health and well being. Following ones culture and core values without any detriment to others. Things encapsulated within the Golden Rule - do unto others. These are things worth taking a principled stand over.

Falsehood or its known and demonstrable unwanted use has no part of my society or being. It has no part of professionalism, of any normal duty of care, of normal standards of propriety or consideration for others. When the holding of any fly casting certification means any compromise is demanded, or an encroachment upon normal values, or the very clear requirements of ones particular culture and convictions, is illegitimately demanded by creating additional, unwarranted, aberrant requirements and dictates. Introduced aberrant conditions made after recruitment and contrary to supposed constitutions or rules. Demands outside of any normal or acceptable standards in society, then for some people such as myself, that type of certification is not actually able to be continued to be held, and won't be. An irreconcilable conflict has been created.

Today every morning that I can look at my beautiful young daughters, I thank God for my daughters. I thank God for the profound privilege and responsibility afforded to me of being a Father to them, and for this wonderful and rewarding experience allowed me in this created Universe of life. Becoming a Father is an inestimable blessing and experience. To see and experience the innocence of children, and to be responsible for their upbringing. I thank God for all our health and well being. For my own parents also, and the core values, and respect for others and for life that they passed on to me.

Jehovah Jireh.

Fortunately my late Father bought me a fibreglass fly rod, or indeed two, from I was eight years old. I still clearly remember him buying me a split cane rod for my eleventh birthday, bringing me down to the local tackle shop to pick a suitable one out. I don't remember first learning how to fly cast a single handed rod, nor even learning how to double haul. I can only remember being able to, not the learning process used as I was young.

However I do remember very well indeed all of my transition from what I was doing myself in fly casting, to formal training in correct technique from Peter Anderson in Scotland. I had to break all my existing muscle memories and learn new technique representing much more efficient use and control of the single handed rod and line. It was a most rewarding, and indeed I consider it an invaluable, experience for me. I'm very glad that transition happened. It made such a vast difference to my fishing and casting with single handed rods, both Overhead and Spey casting with either standard or shooting head lines.

I was afterwards fortunate to set the Irish record for single handed casting in ISCF judged seven weight competition with a cast of 39.08 metres. I also spent some time casting in Lefty Kreh style which is very similar to Peter Anderson style, they share a lot of common ground.