V Loop set up and deep rod loading about half way through on the forward stroke from a modern style of Scandi Cast. Normal grip, right foot forward stance.
Shooting Head Casting - Double-Handed rod

There are three main methods / variations on the theme of shooting head Spey casting I use and teach, as well as overhead casting with shooting heads.

1. Classic Underhand Style A shorter grip is used, the top grip is made from forming a ring of fingers and thumb. Body realignment is used but not upper body rotation past realignment. A high hinging lift is used. The bottom hand stays at belt level during the hinging lift. The body is then turned and when facing the new direction the bottom hand forms a circular movement pushing the rod tip backwards, the rod pivots on the top hand. As the line drives backwards a small lift occurs of a few inches then both hands pull down and bottom hand pulls in to make the forward cast. A very compact movement. A long monofilament leader forms the anchor. The end of the fly line can be level with caster when the D loop is formed, but can be slightly in front. On sinking lines a shorter leader may be used and part of the front of the line can also form the anchor.

2. Modern Scandi - Antti Guttorm's style, this is a longer stroke style similar to competition fly casting technique. It has very similar movements to the second incline exercise. Normal grip, right foot forward. Long stroke with upper body rotation and weight shift. Low shotgun type lift with however the rod and reel turned to the incline's plane rod tip moved well out to the side over the river. Bottom hand slightly away from body top arm bent. Shallow incline set up with upper body rotation and bottom hand pushing out. Body turning directing V loop set up, end of line touching down level with angler. As the line clears the water the rod is re positioned into the forward casting plane, rod tip low behind, long stroke leaves it low in front at the stop. Doesn't matter if some of the head touches also or leader and ply leader are used. This is an extremely efficient and effective way to use a shooting head. Antti Guttorm from Finland fishes on the Tana and is one of the best double-handed casters I have ever seen with both Spey and Shooting head outfits.

3. Modern Scandi - Normal Spey Casting with shooting heads - normal grip and long stroke using realignment and upper body rotation as in Spey casting. Part of head may or may not touch down as well as the leader / poly leader and leader.

Overhead Casting

If i am overhead casting with a shooting head I prefer not to be using longer poly leaders with leaders, as it slows down the line speed and causes hinging, it can be done but is just not as efficient as a clean head and leader minus a poly leader. Not too bad with five foot poly leaders and short leaders on switch rods, its with ten and twelve foot poly leaders even on 15 ft rods that things get more difficult.

With modern heads the desired sinking density can be sorted within the head negating the need for a poly leader when overhead casting.

There are two basic methods, a clean one back cast and one forward cast, or one using a false cast forward, thus two back casts and two forward casts.

Both are usually made after rolling up the line to the surface if using a sinking line and also laying the head out on the water re directed into the new plane, (which may mean combination casting such as a roll up, then a snake roll). When the line is re directed then an overhead cast with one back cast and one forward cast is made. Or an overhead cast using one back cast, one false false forward cast, another back cast and the the final forward cast.

In the latter case a back cast is made, then a false forward cast aimed level or highish, then another faster tight loop back cast, with or without some controlled line slip and aimed opposite the forward trajectory of the final cast, which means it may be aimed lower than usual, and then the forward cast.
Single hand rod

Single hand use of a shooting head is a particularly useful for both fishing and for learning the double haul technique.

A shooting head set up for the single hand rod makes the line feed phase of the hauling process very easy due to the thin slick running line. I use 30lb of a brand called P Line but any monofilament type running line will do such as Amnesia which I used to use for fishing shooting heads on reservoirs when younger. An Instructor should have a single hand shooting head set up for teaching the double haul.

Shooting heads are extensively used for sunk line salmon fishing with single handed rods. They are also excellent for lure fishing on reservoirs / still waters and for Pike fishing.